Study at Home or College at Home?

Study at home? Home school curriculum, homeschooling, teach your self, online degree programs, online colleges, online universities, online courses and now ... "college at home"?

The above are now the "think outside the box" solutions in the US for those looking for the most effective study-at-home program to finish their high school requirements or to get a college degree. There is a back door and a legitimate one. Yet it remains a secret for a reason.

We cannot reach our destination safely if we do not follow the rules of the road. Google maps tell us that there are many options to go from point A to B. Google Maps is like our GPS. It gives us driving directions if we want to avoid the highway, the toll and need a short cut. It can also show us the roadblocks.

In our case, our destination is a college degree. The driving directions to finish a college degree are laid out in the traditional route. The alternative route is still hazy. And, if you cannot reach your destination, then, there must be roadblocks that you have to bypass. To find out what are these roadblocks, click here.

Is the Study at Home alternative route for you?

For parents ...

You are on this site because you have started to look for options and alternatives in educating your child. You do not want your child to experience the student loan nightmare . You probably a burnt out homeschooling mom with several children with various learning needs and you need a more credible plan to follow. Are you a parent who is very much exasperated with public school?

The debt mentality had placed the US in an economic recession. Your children need not get those massive student loans. You are offering your child a "silver platter" which they have to pay after graduating from this college. Offer your child the "humble plate" which will turn to a gold plate after graduation. You need not spend a fortune to get a college degree from an accredited US academic institution. How much are you willing to pay the university of your choice just because you are ignorant of the alternative route?

$25,000 or $50,000 or $150,000?

For High School Students...

You will be in a better place after this "study at home" program. You will learn to teach yourself. You will team up with your family instead of leaving them. You can start your career while pursuing a college degree. You won't have the same debt burden as your peers after you get your college degree. You will have a steady job while your peers are still in college. You will be ahead in the job market.

In order to be successful in this program, you must remove all of your distractions to learning - Facebooking, Internet Surfing, too much emailing, TV viewing, chatting and phone calls. It is time to be serious and focus on the road. You have a found an alternative route to get an accredited degree. It is legal. It is faster. It is smarter. It is cheaper. It is not a time waster. Read more in this site so you can avoid a dead end.

For returning adult students...

You could be one of those guys or gals returning to school after prioritizing work for the past years to make ends meet.

A Bachelor's degree opens many doors to an individual especially to a prospective employer. It tells the boss you are from a different caliber. His risks of hiring you gets lower. But, the boss wants work experience too.

With this study at home program, you have found the back door. You have both of what the employer wants: an accredited college degree and substantial work experience.

For foreign students...

You could be from another continent, aware of the resources available in the US. This site gives you a clearer path identifying the US universities and their academic journals and lectures that can help you be an expert in your field.

The Study at Home with Joy website has mapped it out for you. But, being a new road discovered by a few, every now and then, many offshoots come out of this alternative route.

The map is in this site. You are still the driver. We are on the same road on a different car. Join us. If you can find some loopholes, tell us. Sometimes, it can work both ways to make things harder or easier for all of us. If you just need directions, we would love to share it with you.

Really, it is possible to Study At Home with Joy!

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